10 Places To Go When Visiting Chicago


1. Gino’s East

2. Adler Planetarium

I love the “Sky Show” at the Adler. There are two parts to the show. First you go into the a room with a big, but standard flat screen. After an informative/educational video there, you go into the actual Planetarium.

It’s a round room with very comfy theater seats that lay almost all the way back. They leave you looking up at a dome ceiling where the rest of show happens. There’s a really cool projector that makes the ceiling look like the night sky, showing you how it changes over time.

At Christmas time, there’s a special show about the star that the Wise Men followed to find Jesus.

BTW – There a lots of other museums to see. And the best ones are right next to each other.

3. Trader Vic’s

In writing this post, I just discovered my favorite restaurant in Chicago has closed :(. So you’ll have to visit one of the other locations.

4. Brookfield Zoo

Honestly, it’s not is good as it was when I was a kid. But it’s probably still one of the best zoos in the country.

5. Willow Creek Community Church

The place where the contemporary/seeker-oriented church started.

6. Odyssey Dinner Cruise

You go out on Lake Michigan for a beautiful night of dining, dancing and enjoying the view of the skyline. Susan and I had one of our best anniversaries there.

7. The Sears Tower

Sears Tower

Sears Tower

OK, so it’s not really called The Sears Tower anymore. But I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to find an Chicagoan that could tell you the new name.

8. Architecture Tour

Chicago is famous for its architecture. Be sure to take at least one tour. I’d do the boat if it’s open.

9. Pacific Garden Mission

Perhaps the most famous mission in the country. Try to visit at time when you can listen to Unshackled! being recorded.

10. Walnut Room

A must visit at Christmas time, it’s worth visiting any time of year.

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